Website Design Services

We offer a simple website design service, we do not do packages, as this is not what businesses or people need.  Every website is as different as the people who require it and who are going to use it.

Most businesses and people know what they are looking for in their website design, so we provide the tools and knowledge to achieve it.

It’s all new, where to start?

We will work with you in setting you up from the beginning.  You chose your domain name, we can register it, setup your hosting package, setup your email accounts and then start on your website.

This will include all the installation of WordPress, setting up all the security modules, setting the SSL certificate and creating your page structure.  We then start setting the theme to get your desired look and adding your contents.

New Website Example

PLEASE NOTE: All timings are estimates.

Here is an example of a new website from scratch, with the customer supplying all the text and images, as well as the customer setting up the Google API (we will give easy instructions for this).

The site will contain:

6 Static pages of various sizes and contents

2 Blog posts (to start the blog off)

Contact page that contains a contact form and Google map location

6 eMail accounts are also required

Yearly Costs

The customer decides on a, Unlimited hosting package and the SitioWeb Themes and Plugins package. Domain registration: £6.79

Unlimited Hosting: £60

SitioWeb Themes and Plugins: £40


Website Costs

Initial setup of hosting package, installation of WordPress, setup of eMail accounts, SSL certificate and WordPress security plugins: 1 hour

Installation of WordPress Theme and plugins and initial page design: 1 hour

Adding and theming contents on 6 pages: 5 hours

Setup of Blog template and 2 blog posts: 2 hours

Contact page with Form and Google Map: 1 hour

Total amount of hours: 10

Complete Initial Website Costs

First Yearly Fee: £106.79

Design of Website cost: 10 hours at £25 per hour = £250


Continued Support

We offer continued support to all our customers that require it, this includes updates to website contents as well as the system, themes and plugins.  You will not have to worry about a thing, leave your website maintenence to us.

It is like a maintenece contract, without the contract!  If you send us updates to do on your site, we will complete those updates at our standard hourly rate and while doing those updates, we will check your system is fully up-to-date.

Doing it yourself

Absolutely not a problem, but we ask that you make sure that all your system, Themes and Plugins are up-to-date on any of the systems that are available.  If you have any issues, you can always contact us via the support system.

Setting the limits

We completely understand the financial constraints of business or running a websites, so we will work with by setting limits on your monthly amounts that we do for you.  This way, there will be no surprise bill at the end of the month.  If you want 1 hour a month, that is not a problem, 3 or 4 hours in total, that is still not a problem.

We will work up to that limit, once we reach it, we will let you know what we have achieved in that time.  What is left on the list of things to do and the estimated time that will take, the decision is then yours to make.  Continue with it or leave it till next month (or even do it yourself).

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